Hot tip to help you organize the business side of your career

So, I had been getting more and more busy recently with my business. In addition to this blog that I started which is really more recreational. I also handle bookings for clubs, wedding/event planners, etc. for clients in the Southern part of the country from Dallas to Miami. I have spent many years living and working down south. I have a wide ranging contacts that have helped me generate a great deal of referral business.

More business is always a good thing of course! Unfortunately, in my case though I also have a bit of ADD. I tend to lose focus and get a little disorganized. That has been becoming a bit more a problem recently. So I took a step back and examined my business. This quick post focuses on one problem area I identified. I’m going to share with you the change that I made that has made a huge difference. What you ask might this little miracle be? I got myself a virtual office.

Here are a couple of great sources for a more in depth explanation of how virtual offices work:

What is a virtual office? Very simply a virtual office service provides many of the logistical support tasks that a fully staffed traditional office would provide. Those tasks are things like answering the phone, receiving faxes and receiving mail. An added bonus with the service I chose is that they have meeting room space available on an hourly basis. If I need to have a meeting in Miami, no problem. I pick up the phone and with a short call I’m all set.

I mentioned that I deal with clients from Dallas to Miami. The virtual office service came to the rescue on that front as well. I have a virtual office Miami that gives me a base of operations in South Florida. This means when my South Florida people call they can ring me on a local business phone number (comes with the service) and there is some there answering the phone during business hours. I can also have it setup to route calls to my cell if that’s what I choose. I don’t know about all of you, but my phone rings all day every day. It is distracting and inefficient. I can now present a professional polished image with a legit business address and a professional receptionist. This is a huge confidence booster for clients.

I didn’t forget about my Dallas squad. I have my bases covered with a virtual office Dallas as well. Same setup, same services, same everything as I have going for me in Miami. Best part of it all… It’s SUPER CHEAP! Traditional staffed offices would cost big $$$. With the service I use it’s around $100 per month per location. That is an enormous cost savings and value for the buck.

This has helped me get my organizational issues under control by removing myself as the direct point of contact. I’m less distracted during the day and can focus on the work of servicing clients and increasing revenue. Long story short, if you are at all like me you owe it to yourself to check out virtual offices services for your entertainment or any business you have for that matter. I hope this little gem helps you guys out and increases your odds of success.

You can also check out this virtual office video:

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